Flag Football


Head Coach: Joe McConnell and Wade Jordan

Flag football is a version of American Football where the basic rules of the game are similar to those of the mainstream game (often called "tackle football" for contrast), but instead of tackling players to the ground, the defensive team must remove a flag or flag belt from the ball carrier ("deflagging") to end a down.

Carolina Academy

2018 Flag Football Schedule

Monday, September 24th Olanta Home 6:00
Monday, October 1st Johnsonvillle Home 6:00
Monday, October 8th Olanta Olanta 6:00
Monday, October 15th Johnsonville Johnsonville 6:30
Monday, October 22nd Johnsonville Home 6:00
Monday, October 29th Johnsonville Johnsonville 6:30

Coaches: Bobby Carsten, Tommy Evans, and Jay Cook

*Johnsonville home games will be played at: Prosser Field - 224 North Park Road, Johnsonville, SC 29555