The Bobcats Destroyed Kings Academy

On October 5th, the Bobcats played Kings Academy at the Bobcats home field. Throughout the first half, the Bobcats were dominating 24-0. By the end of the game Kings Academy was not able to recover and the score ending up being 46-0. Here are some stats from the game:

George Wilder- 103 yds w/ 2TD
Wyatt Parnell- 42 yds w/ 1TD
Shay Hall- 29 yds w/ 1TD

Derrick Smith- 80 yds 1TD

Jeremiah Brunson- 6 Tackles
Tyrese McCray- 7 Tackles
Cody Sauls- 5 Tackles

Shay Hall- 4-6 w/ 1TD