JV Tennis Team Beat LMA

On Wednesday August 3oth, The Carolina Academy junior varsity tennis team beat LMA  by a final score of 9-0. The lady bobcats also won all 3 of the doubles matches. Come support the lady bobcats junior varsity tennis team September 5th at 4:00 pm. The scores of each player are as followed.


Mary C. Cameron won 8/3

Lake Killman won 8/5

Payton Brown won 8/4

Rachel Yarborough won 8/1

Maggie Long won 8/2

Ashlee Matthews won 8/3

Emily Palmer won 8/0


Mary C. Cameron and Payton Brown won 8/2

Lake Killman and Rachel Yarborough  won 8/1

Maggie Long and Madison Franks won 8/0