The Carolina Academy’s 2019 Beauty Pageant

On Thursday, January 17th, TCA hosted its annual Beauty Pageant. Our beautiful pageant participants showed their best smiles, looks, and dresses for the judges. Throughout all of the categories which they were judged, we’d undoubtedly say, the ladies that participated this year were all winners. Especially in Gods eyes. Congratulations to the winners of TCA’s 2019 Beauty Pageant. Thank you to all who took part in the pageant, and to those who attended!

Mini Miss Contestants:
Layla Floyd
Molly McElveen – 2019’s Mini Miss
Saylor Smith
Turner McKenzie

Tiny Miss Contestants:
Carter Blue Altman – 2019’s Tiny Miss
Raeliegh Grace Coker
Alexander Coleman

Wee Miss Contestants:
Natalie Braveboy – 2019’s Tiny Miss
Sophia Frye
Ella Grace Johnson
Alexis McCutcheon
Paisley McCutcheon

Little Miss Contestants:
Alana Altman
McKenzie Coleman
Caden Collins
Caroline Cockfield – 2019’s Little Miss
Dixie Cox
Raeley Frye
Katelyn Harrell
Emma Little
Aubree Mims

Junior Miss Contestants:
Dakota Jernigan – 2019’s Junior Miss
Lake Killman
Kensy Marsh
Garlyn Matthews
Hailey Stanley

Miss Contestants:
Lillie Blakelyn Coker
Tatum Cox
Keirsten Hopkins
Alyssa Newell
Laura Kelly Cook – 2019’s Miss Carolina Academy