Varsity Football Wins the First Round of Playoffs

On November 2, the Bobcats played their first playoff game against Colleton Prep. Throughout the first half Colleton Prep was winning by a score of 14-8. By the end of the game the Bobcats turned up the heat and destroyed Colleton Prep with a final score of 42-22. Here are some stats from the game:


Shay Hall-  81 yds w/ 3TD and 1 PAT

Tyson Brand- 57 yds w/ 1TD

Blaine McFaddin- 1 PAT


Derrick Smith- 70 yds w/ 2TD

Austin Brown- 1 PAT


Shay Hall- 1 CNV


Blaine McFaddin- 2 CNVATT 1 CNV

Austin Brown- 1 CNVATT 1 CNV

Shay Hall- 1 CNVATT 1 CNV