Varsity Softball Win Against Wilson Hall

On Thursday, March 7th, our Varsity Softball team played a home game against Wilson Hall. They went out onto the field with great energy. The Bobcats scored  11 more than the other team, with a final score of 13-2. Please come out and support them at their next game, as they play an away game on Monday, March 11th, against Wilson Hall in Sumter.

Here are some stats from the game:

  • Jaimee Epps went 3 for 5, pitched 5 innings, walked 1, had 0 earned runs with 1 hit and 6 strikeouts
  • Madison Lee went 2 for 3
  • Harley Welch went 2 for 4
  • Paxton Bish went 2 for 4