Carolina Academy’s Eggstream Weekend

We had a wonderful time last Friday here at the Carolina Academy, with lots of fun, food, attractions, and getting together with our Bobcat Family. We here at TCA are so happy to announce our winners for the Eggstream Weekend, and would like to thank all of our sponsors for making this spectacular day happen.

High Sellers:  Garrett Coker $250 (173 eggs)  Peyton Singletary $150 (118 eggs)   Addie Phillips $100 (110 eggs)
Mary Catherine Cameron $50 (108 eggs)
Neon Lights Contest: $150  1st Place – The Jellyfish Boys (Jackson Altman, Garrett Sauls, Micah Springs, Dyson Lamb, Landon Miles, Collin Epps, and Adam Evans)
$100 2nd Place – The Neon Ladies (Savannah McCutcheon, Abby McCutcheon, Raely Frye, Carlie Anne Smith,
Blythe Smith) $100
Silver Egg – $100:  Jackson Altman, Arralyn Cameron, Katelyn Barr, Havyn Cameron
Golden Egg – FREE TUITION:  Anna Clare Harrington
Teacher Winner – $250:  Kenneth Bowen

Now for our big winner and the seller of the winning egg..

Mrs. Norma Reed!! Congratulations for winning 20% of the pot!  and also Congratulations to Hunter Irwin for winning $100 and selling her the winning egg.