The Carolina Academy and FCA Give Back

On Friday, February 28th, FCA donated $1500 dollars to the Florence County Disabilities Foundation. The Foundation provides funding and resources for quality life experiences to people living with life-long disabilities who are served by the Florence County Disabilities and Special Needs Board. TCA has taken part in this fundraiser for the past 5 years. This year, students all over the school helped prepare and deliver BBQ plates for the Foundation. The plates were sold at school, allowing all students and teachers to purchase them.

The members of the Foundation were given a personalized tour of most of the campus. During the FCA meeting, attending members were recognized with food and applause. The school was pleased to have Ms. Anne Carpenter as the guest speaker and the lead representative of the Foundation. During her speech, students were educated on the impact that the Foundation has had on the community. The Carolina Academy and FCA look forward to working with the Florence County Disabilities Foundation in the near future.