The Golf Ball Drop

On October 7th, we celebrated the Homecoming football game and hosted our annual Golf Ball Drop! It consisted of student going out and selling golf balls to their community to raise funds to help with development projects within the school. During halftime, the helicopter took all of the golf balls up into the air and dropped them near the flag on the baseball field. The closest ball to the flag won the grand prize of 15 thousand dollars! The student who sold the golf balls were also rewarded for their hard work. So a big congratulations to the Winners!

Top Seller: Raelyn Grimsley – 5K

4 Students with yellow ball closest to the flag – $100 each: Lilly Humphries – 8th, Kenleigh Knight – 6th, Emma Haithcock – 3rd, and Zac Chapman – 6th

Winner of FREE TUITION: David Driggers – 10th

Seller of the winning golf ball – $100: Teagan Green – 4K

WINNER OF BIG GOLF BALL DROP – $15,000: Mrs. Amy Green

Once more a big thank you to everyone who participated and we hope we can do even better next year!