JV Tennis Dominates Williamsburg Academy

The JV tennis team won against Williamsburg Academy! The score from the match was 9-0! Come and support the girls at their next match on October 3rd at Laurence Manning! Here are the stats from the game:


Hannah Palmer 8-1
Esther Cambell 8-2
Emily Palmer 8-3
Kennedy Fulton 8-6
Caroline Cockfield 8-0
Allie Keith Coker 8-1


Hannah Palmer and Emily Palmer won 8-0
Esther Cambell and Caroline Cockfield won 8-0
Kennedy Fulton and Allie Keith Coker won 8-1


Blythe Smith won 8-3
Savannah Mccutheon won 8-1
Maggie Hunt and Carlie Anne Smith won 8-1 and 8-0