Preschool: Ages 3-4

The Preschool Program fosters intellectual, physical, emotional and social growth. With the use of manipulative materials that are developmentally appropriate, the child chooses or is presented activities that stimulate and cultivate a love of exploration and discovery. Each child is nurtured to lay the foundation for future academic achievement with the focus on the development of the whole child.

Lower School: Kindergarten through 4th Grade

The lower school student at The Carolina Academy learns in an environment that provides a blend of strong academics combined with opportunities for individual and social growth while encouraging a positive self-image. The faculty attempts to meet the needs of each child within a classroom to provide an opportunity for success to occur. Our lower school faculty has always emphasized a return to “basics” of elementary education and has incorporated a variety of experiences to enrich each day. The students develop a love of learning and discover individual capabilities.

We like to think that our younger students feel they have a home away from home, where they receive the care, compassion and nurturing they deserve. Students gain knowledge and an understanding of how all things fit together in God’s plan. Our faculty strives to relay good character and moral values in everyday experiences.

The language arts program is one of the most important areas taught. It is made up of spelling, reading, phonics, handwriting and creative writing. Because of these skills, students are well prepared to communicate effectively with clarity, conviction, and fluency. Communication skills are developed through immersion in a language rich environment. Children do a great deal of talking: experiences, observations, ideas and stories are all shared and processed in a community that values language. The faculty feels a deep sense of obligation as facilitators and transmitters of culture to new generations.

Middle School: 5th through 8th Grade

The curriculum reflects the increasing independence of the 5th through 8th grade students. Instead of the self-contained classroom of the Lower School, Middle School students now have five primary subjects and must change classes. More emphasis is put on abstract thinking skills; students are increasingly responsible for their own learning. As its name suggests, the Middle School is designed to serve as a bridge, both academically and emotionally, between the Lower and Upper Schools.

All students study the core curriculum of reading, language arts, mathematics, science, and global social studies. In addition, students take art, music, computer, and physical education classes. Eighth graders may take Algebra I, English I, 1/2 unit of computer, and 1/2 unit of PE for Carnegie units with the appropriate criteria arranged.

Upper School: 9th through 12th Grade

The Upper School provides a challenging educational college-preparatory program in a supportive, nurturing environment. There is a strong sense of tradition in the school’s dedication to serving the needs of the whole student. The academic curriculum addresses the college preparatory school while athletic and enrichment courses allow students to express other aspects of their talents. Students enjoy an average class size of 25-30. Most students attend higher education institutions; therefore, the curriculum is designed to insure they will meet the requirements for entrance to our state universities and colleges, as well as develop the skills needed to be productive citizens.

Entering college students must be prepared to undertake rigorous academic coursework. They must be equipped with organizational skills, advanced writing and reading abilities, critical thinking skills, and prerequisite math concepts. Basic course requirements and expectations of growth in essential areas provide guiding structures to ensure exposure to a range of subject areas and to the development of important strengths and skills. The curriculum in each discipline is designed to support the philosophy and the objectives of The Carolina Academy as stated in the handbook.

The Carolina Academy offers a two-tract academic program, “College Prep” or “Honors”. In addition to standard requirements, advanced honors math, honors English, advanced science, are offered. Dual credit English 101-102  and Psychology I are offered in conjunction with Florence-Darlington Tech, while Chemistry I and II are offered through Francis Marion University on alternating years. The curriculum consists of courses that meet College Board, SCISA, and South Carolina Department of Education graduation guidelines.


The Library will be open Monday-Friday from 8:30-1:30, for students to check out books, pick up novel overview forms, and take AR Quizzes.

Guidance Program

The primary purpose of the Guidance Program is to support and provide information for the students, parents, faculty, and administrative staff.  Our advisory and assistance program covers all areas of concern to young people, especially those involving career and college decisions.  High school students receive information through a variety of other sources as well.  Parents may see the guidance counselor by appointment at any time.  The counselors work closely with teachers and parents in all grades in all areas of testing along with interpretation, academic performance, difficulties, opportunities, and with options for summer enrichment.

Student Handbook

To access a copy of the Student Handbook, click here.