The Carolina Academy’s athletic program offers students an opportunity to become a part of something bigger than the individual. Athletics allow students to meet and overcome challenges both physically and mentally. Participation in athletics provides an excellent opportunity for molding character and building lasting friendships. What sets athletics at The Carolina Academy apart from others is the support of the parents, grandparents, alumni, and community friends. Academics come first, therefore student-athletes must learn to manage their time wisely between athletics and their studies. Student-athletes must maintain a proficient academic average or they will not be allowed to practice or play with their team. The Carolina Academy submits that academics and athletics are actually complementary of each other and not exclusive of one another.

Athletic Policy
The South Carolina Independent School Association requires that all athletes complete a medical history and have a physical performed by a medical doctor. This is done prior to an athlete beginning practice in any sport. This exam, required by SCISA, is more of a screening than a complete physical. If you would feel more comfortable with a complete physical exam, it is recommended that you schedule and appointment with your family physician. To fill out all required SCISA forms, click here.

The Bill Simpson Award from SCISA
The Bill Simpson Award is presented annually by the South Carolina Independent School Association to one outstanding graduating male and female student in the independent school system who best exemplifies the academic and athletic qualities that Mr. Simpson represented throughout his career as the SCISA Athletic Secretary. Mr. Simpson, an educator first and foremost, emphasized the importance of academic performance. Criteria for selection includes the following: Headmaster’s recommendations, SAT score, class rank, student service record, academic and athletic achievements, Coaches’ recommendations and community service.

The Bill Simpson Award is the highest honor bestowed upon a student-athlete in the South Carolina Independent School Association. The Carolina Academy is proud to have had three recipients chosen for this prestigious award:

James K. Bowen – Class of 1994
David L. Bowen – Class of 1997
Abbie L. Floyd – Class of 2004